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Re: [PLUG] The One True OS, migrating to [OFFLIST]

On Saturday 19 January 2008 13:17:36 Mike Leone wrote:
> Art Alexion wrote:
> > On Friday 18 January 2008 21:26:04 Michael Leone wrote:
> >> We hire new people all the time, and we still use Office 2000
> >
> > We do too.  Increasingly, our people are being sent docx and the new
> > xml/xls files, and there is a growing demand that we start deploying
> > 2007.  For most users Open Office works and works well with docx, but
> > doesn't seem to do the new xls yet.  The biggest problem is that Open
> > Office Calc doesn't handle embedded Access and SQL Server links
> > compatibly.
> >
> > What's your experience?
> I don't really do the end user support anymore (I'm a Network Admin at
> the Philadelphia Housing Authority these days, and so I'm more 2nd level
> user support, not helpdesk). Still, I think I've only ever gotten 1 docx
> attachment, altho I seem to recall one of the users at my old job having
> received them. I was Net Admin and helpdesk back then (it was a small
> company). I do remember downloading the Office 2007 viewers, but don't
> think I've needed to use them .

We're getting them more and more often.  We initially tried to get the 
recipient users to write back to the send and ask them to Save As word 
95/200/xp, but our own users barely understood what we were talking about, 
let alone users in another company.

> It's been years since I tried to use OpenOffice to open (complicated)
> Word docs. Back then (3-4 years ago?), I know it would screw up the
> formatting (bulleted lists, etc). Definitely not something I could hand
> out to the CEO's secretary; she would have had to re-work all the Board
> reports, etc.
> Dunno if they've fixed that aspect or not ...

Much better than it used to be.  The problem remains migrating templates with 
a lot of VBA for word processing, embedded links and stuff with spreadsheets, 
and converting forms, queries and reports with small databases.

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