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Re: [PLUG] Debian-SAMBA Suggestions

Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> There is a web interface to configuring SAMBA, which you can find in 
> the "swat" package.
i think there is also a package for a GTK gui as well...

i know the SADMS is a gui tool for joining samba to a domain/setting
samba up as a domain. i believe it also lets you define shares. there
are also various gnome add-ons that integrate into the file browser, i

but definitely agree with you, LiveCD's are NOT an accurate
representation of actual speed.

> * No, Gentoo users, your OS isn't any faster.
well, it is (forgot where i got the benchmark) but definitely by a
negligible amount (something like .01% i'd hazard). personally, that's
not why i run a gentoo rig- i run it because it forces me to learn.
after the first couple weeks of running it, i could patch, configure,
and compile a kernel from source in my sleep. i still don't know why
their install guide uses nano for examples- it took me a bit to wean me
off of nano because of that.


i definitely wouldn't want to use it as a production box- that's what
debian (or *buntu) is for. when i want to play or check out new releases
and the shiny, or do homework, or hack around, or just fsck around,
that's what gentoo is for.
gentoo also is MUCH more transparent than debian-based (which are, in
turn, much more transparent than rpm-based). the init system, for
example. while debian tries to make the process more friendly, their
init system really just ends up adding a layer of obscurity over the
system internals.

there's some good things and some bad things about EVERY distro.


but please, distro wars are SO 1998.

Bill, i'm glad to have you here. I'm going to give you the best advice
out of everyone so far- sure, i'd personally recommend ubuntu to someone
new to modern linux, but you need to try all of them (well, maybe not
ALL). try as many as you can find. you can't find what's right for YOU
without experimenting! distros are getting more and more different as
time goes by (already *buntu and debian seem worlds apart, from the
internal systems side. i can remember when *buntu was just debian with a
facelift and prettier colours.) and there are MANY different distros and
branches for a reason! same reason there are different scents and types
of soap- people value different things, they like having a choice, and
sometimes you need a different kind to do a different job.

my $0.02

Brent Saner

Bill Gates is to hacking as Sid Vicious was to the Sex Pistols:
no talent, everyone hates him, and he's just in it for the fame and money.

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