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[PLUG] Recommended Reading

Recomended Reading (all GNU Public License)

1. "Advanced Linux Programming", Mark Mitchell, Jeffrey Oldham, and Alex
Samuel, of CodeSourcery LL.

(See Downloads for PDF http://www.advancedlinuxprogramming.com/)

The above book covers building a "real-world" web server from the
ground up in C after giving the reader a good foundation in threads,
signals etc. I've found the book to be both fun and in depth.

2. "Programming from the Ground Up: An introduction to programming
using Linux assembly language.", Jonathan Bartlett, Edited by Dominick
Bruno, Jr.

(See http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/pgubook/ProgrammingGroundUp-0-9.pdf)

In my opinion, the biggest appeal of Linux and GNU related software,
is the ability to play around with code to see how a computer really
works. This book on assembly language, which is tailored specific to
Linux, brings you down to the registers and individual
instructions. However, it's all done by first building on short


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