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Re: [PLUG] Debian-SAMBA Goal Summary

On Sat, Feb 02, 2008 at 06:51:11PM -0500, Bill Diehl said:
> > GRUB is the standard boot loader on Linux, and it will boot other OSs
> > as well.  Xubuntu utilizes XFCE and may be what you want to use if you
> > require a faster/leaner desktop experience...
> Yes, I just like System Commander.  However, V-Com says that 
> Ubuntu does not allow control over where GRUB is placed and 
> therefore System Commander cannot manage the boot process.  
> One of the attractions to Linux is/was the ability to have more 
> control over my computer, rather than being forced to accept and 
> use whatever the big corporations wanted shove down end-users' 
> throats.  I am sure that GRUB will start my other OSs just as well.

It may be a failure in the ubuntu installer if it doesn't notice other
OS's and offer to only install grub to the relevant partition instead of
the MBR, but it is not a failure of grub.  Grub is perfectly happy
living on a partition instead of the MBR and being chainloaded from
another bootloader.  If you have a bootloader you like, keep it.  Grub
is quite nice for many things, but no need to ram things you don't want
down your throat.
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