Bill Diehl on 2 Feb 2008 15:50:07 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Debian-SAMBA Goal Summary

On 2 Feb 2008 at 10:45, Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:

> On Feb 2, 2008 9:42 AM, Bill Diehl <> wrote:
> After you check the box for your modem, you can then install gfax and
> efax or hylafax.  I have used them before to send faxes via my
> cellphone connected to my computer in 2003 or 2004, which was pretty
> cool.  Nowadays I just scold anyone who tells me to use a fax.  It is
> dead technology.  I tell them, "...listen, why don't you just scan it
> in and email it to me, ummmkay?"  Don't forget to mention that faxing
> 100 page documents really sucks...

Yeah, your right!  Fortunately I don't do much faxing.  When I do, it 
is mostly sending.  I just like having the option to fax from 
applications or to scan and fax when needed.  Emailing docs does 
work much better.

> You SnapScan scanner should work just fine in Linux using xsane.  It
> doesn't have "complete" support, but it is the next level down which
> is "good" support.  Perhaps some features won't work, but those are
> usually the features that you don't normally use either...

I appreciate the resources.

> Cool.  If you want to get smashed in the face with knowledge that will
> probably return you back to Windows because there is so much to learn,
> try these other distros, which will give you the gory details about
> how everything works.  Now, you have to be very brave to go through
> them, especially if you are not a programmer and familiar with lots of
> this stuff.  I was an undergrad electrical engineering student when I
> embarked on these journeys, but maybe you don't have to be :-)
> Linux From Scratch (you get nothing but gcc, and have to learn
> everything else.  Build your OS from scratch):
> Gentoo (gives you a framework for customization, but not completely
> from scratch -- a tad easier than LFS):

Quite a bit beyond my interests or abilities but I do get your point.  
Thank you for bringing me to my senses, which is why I've decided 
to try Ubuntu.  It never hurt me, however, to be comfortable with 
tweaking configuration files.  I wouldn't mind completing my Debian 
configuration but if an Ubuntu flavor allows me to use my computer, 
rather than work on it, I could let it go.

> > I was all ready to go with Ubantu, before deciding on Debian, until
> > I learned that it would not work with my preferred boot commander
> > (System Commander).  It did run slowly on my machine from the CD, as
> > I expected, but there was something about it that was not
> GRUB is the standard boot loader on Linux, and it will boot other OSs
> as well.  Xubuntu utilizes XFCE and may be what you want to use if you
> require a faster/leaner desktop experience...

Yes, I just like System Commander.  However, V-Com says that 
Ubuntu does not allow control over where GRUB is placed and 
therefore System Commander cannot manage the boot process.  
One of the attractions to Linux is/was the ability to have more 
control over my computer, rather than being forced to accept and 
use whatever the big corporations wanted shove down end-users' 
throats.  I am sure that GRUB will start my other OSs just as well.

> Good luck on your journey :-)

I can see that I have a lot to learn (relearn).  I appreciate your 
guidance as well as that of others who have replied.  Now that I am 
on the "right" path, the journey should be much easier.  Thank you 
for your patience and persistence.


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