Matthew Rosewarne on 2 Feb 2008 14:26:49 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] pilot-ing

On Saturday 02 February 2008, jeff wrote:
> My new quest is to install files to the device.  Having gone through
> jpilot, gpilot, and kpilot, I'm stumped.  All want to install ONLY palm
> files (.prc .pdb etc).  On kpilot it gives a default mask, which I
> somehow overrode, but the program told me no anyway.  Kpilotd also
> crashes predictably.

I believe there has been significant fixes for kpilot since the version in 
Debian 4.0.  You might have a better time with the newer version in 
the "testing" branch.

> It's obviously possible because it does so with the Palm desktop, as
> well as a few utility progs under a different OS.  I'll try Wine (the
> program or the drink, if necessary) but I don't have tremendous faith in
> it surviving the port dilemma, if nothing else (/dev/ttyUSB1 currently).

I don't expect that to work, since Wine typically can't use windows hardware 

As for the drink, it usually helps.

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