jeff on 2 Feb 2008 11:41:13 -0800

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[PLUG] pilot-ing

I figure I've done a few hours' homework, so now it's time to ask 
someone who might know.

With my newfound 99% Windows-freedom comes the responsibility of the 
Treo (Palm).  I got it communicating with Evolution at work.  Aside from 
gpilotd tending to suck up 99% of the cpu, it works fine.

My new quest is to install files to the device.  Having gone through 
jpilot, gpilot, and kpilot, I'm stumped.  All want to install ONLY palm 
files (.prc .pdb etc).  On kpilot it gives a default mask, which I 
somehow overrode, but the program told me no anyway.  Kpilotd also 
crashes predictably.

It's obviously possible because it does so with the Palm desktop, as 
well as a few utility progs under a different OS.  I'll try Wine (the 
program or the drink, if necessary) but I don't have tremendous faith in 
it surviving the port dilemma, if nothing else (/dev/ttyUSB1 currently).

I have a different OS running in a VM but I'd prefer never to see that 
one again.

Thanks from my palm to yours.



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