Josh Goldstein on 3 Feb 2008 08:17:13 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] I'm Convinced To Try Ubuntu

I just tried the Linux Mint live CD and it was sooo nice -- it was like when I'm on my 5th cup of coffee at work and I think I see God.

Bill Diehl wrote:
> OK, folks, you convinced me to try Ubuntu.

rather than installing, why not try live cd's or virtual machines?
This way you can try any Ubuntu variant or whatver else you want.

> derivative of Ubuntu - I just don't want unnecessary clutter and
> overhead on my computer

if it's any consolation, I find XP to be too cluttered, with too much
overhead.  I use Xubuntu even though I have lotsa horsepower.  Tried kde
but it bothers me.

The only problem I see is that XFCE isn't as tightly integrated with
Ubuntu as it should be.  That aside, it's running on all of my machines
at home and work, plus a laptop.  The only exception is one trial of

> if/when I really get stuck on something - right folks?

I sure hope so.  Maybe I'll get a chance to give back....

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