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Re: [PLUG] Simple Hard drive Encryption?

Are you trying to encrypt the OS as well as the boot partition, or just data?

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Thanks guys, although it looks like truecrypt doesn't like it that Ive got this formatted in reiserfs, now computer doesnt recognize the drive at all and truecrypt refuses to work with it, ah well, Ill get it reformatted and try again when I have some free time.


On Feb 8, 2008 4:42 PM, brent saner <> wrote:
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another vote for truecrypt.

specifically, i always go with AES256 or higher if possible whenever i
need to encrypt anything if you're looking for a wider, more vague answer.

Sasha R wrote:
| Hey guys,
| I was wondering if anyone could recommend an easy to use, free,
| linux based and preferably open source  program to encrypt a
| harddive  to the point that a person with physical access to the
| external harddrive could not view the data and would have to
| reformat the drive to use it for anything.
| Thanks,
| Sasha
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