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Re: [PLUG] Local printer add greyed out in kubuntu (semi-solved)

On Saturday 09 February 2008 13:26:42 Art Alexion wrote:
> Printer/Cups weirdness with Kubuntu as print server.
> I have a PCI card with two parallel ports.  Kernel sees them as lp0 & lp1. 
> A few weeks ago, I successfully (and easily) installed two parallel
> printers, an HP Laser, and an Epson inkjet.
> Inkjet stopped working because CUPS can't find lp1.  Laser working and
> attached to hp:/par/HP_Laserjet_5si?/device=/dev/parport0.
> I removed the inkjet in an attempt to reinstall and the local printer is
> greyed out.  The cups browser interface (localhost:631) doesn't present a
> parallel option either.
> Ideas?

I got the printer working again by changing the lp1 permissions to 666.  
Something tells me that -- aside from appearing as a deal with the devil -- 
this is not the best way to fix the problem as the Laser printer on lp0 had 
the same permissions and prints fine.

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