Bill Diehl on 10 Feb 2008 14:27:10 -0800

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[PLUG] Configuring sources.list & Device Access in Debian

I have installed Debian-Lenny as Matthew suggested but have not found
resolutions to two problems:

1. What is the proper syntax for the apt sources.list file so that
downloaded deb files can be available for installation using apt-get
install or aptitude?  The syntax provided in one book
(file:/<directory>) does not work and other variations did not work.

2. Having installed xsane as Kristian suggested, neither KDE or SANE
itself can find my scanner when I log-in as a user.  I finally
discovered that when I log in as root, SANE and my scanner work.  This
issue has apparently visited others on various forums but there was no
clear resolution that I could find to make the scanner available when
just logging in as a user.  Any help with this?

A side note: I did spend some time with Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and openSUSE,
in addition to KDE on my Etch install.  While I can now understand why
many of you suggested that I use Ubuntu in some variation (which I
will now also do if others ask "which"), I also got my Debian install
moving in the direction of my personal preferences.  Should I not be
able to get Debian working the way I would like, I now know of other
options that I did not fully appreciate before your recommendations.
For now, if you all are willing, I would appreciate help with getting
my Debian install fully operational.  Thank you.
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