Jonathan E. Magen on 12 Feb 2008 11:48:21 -0800

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[PLUG] VirtualBox to QEMU/KVM

I have a VirtualBox disk image and I'd like to convert it to a QEMU
disk image where I believe the current latest format is COW2. Some
Googling has shown that there are ways to go from the .qcow -> .vdi
but not the other way around. My first thought was to use qemu-img to
convert the image but the VirtualBox format doesn't seem to be
supported. Running qemu-img without any arguments yields a brief
command description and the last line of output contains format

Supported format: parallels qcow2 vvfat vpc bochs dmg cloop vmdk qcow
cow host_device raw

Anyway, does anyone have any information about converting a VirtualBox
.vdi image to a QEMU-compatible image? Perhaps if there was some
intermediate format...

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