Sean C. Sheridan on 12 Feb 2008 17:56:50 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] pci-express

pci-express is the next generation video card slot.  It replaces the AGP
slot.  The hottest configuration is SLI ie. multiple pci-e slots (2 or 3)
running matched graphics cards.

These systems are mainly sought after by gamers and people who do
animation/rendering/video production on windows platforms.  The hottest
pci-e (16x) video cards are the nvidea 8800 ultra w/ 768MB memory (on each
video card).  The nvidea series is the first to support directX 10 and
they run $500 each.

Here's an example of a system that accepts up to three pci-e x16 cards and
is watercooled (because the new intel quad cores run hot when

IMHO these systems are only needed by greedy ms based programs.  For the
average user these systems are overkill.

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