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Re: [PLUG] Finding a motherboard with a BIOS that does not block CPU virtualization

K.S. Bhaskar wrote:
> Thanks for the comments, Brian, Brent and Matt.
> Regards
> -- Bhaskar
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one last comment, i  was able to successfully modprobe kvm-amd. haven't
tested it yet, but it loads just fine.

my mobo:
ASUS M2N-SLi Deluxe


i apologize, but i neglected to write down my BIOS rev.. i think i may
have updated it once, and that was months and months ago.

note: the only issue with this particular mobo/proc and linux i've run
into is on-board sound. it uses the hda-intel-audio driver, and is
essentially a little bitch. takes some hacking to get working. if you're
using gentoo, anyways. :) i suspect it works fine OOB in ubuntu.

(i just shoved an Audigy LS in instead, so no idea how well onboard
works since i don't use that)

Brent Saner

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