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[PLUG] Hard drive consolidation

In the past, I have always added HDs to my Linux machines and that was
pretty simple.  This time, I want to remove the HD that hosts my root

My setup is this:
WD             74GB   /dev/sda1 is /boot, /dev/sda2 is / and /dev/sda3 is /var
Seagate    160GB   /dev/sdb1 something (let's call it pr0n), and
/dev/sdb2 is /home
WD           500GB  /dev/sdc1 is /mythtv

I want to remove my power hungry WD 74GB drive and consolidate its
contents onto the 160 GB drive.  I know that I could unmount /boot,
/var and /home and copy all their files onto /dev/sda2 and then DD
them over to /dev/sdb.  Is there a better way to do this?  And can I
do this without having to drop into single user mode to turn off
everything else (I can dream)?

I do realize that I'm going to mess up my fstab.  Is there anything
else that might complain about what I am doing?

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