Art Alexion on 23 Feb 2008 09:40:06 -0800

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[PLUG] CUPS(?) problem

My machine has two parallel ports on a pci card which are detected as lp0 
(parport0) and lp1 (parport1).  

lp0 is connected to an HP5si using uri 

It always seems to work fine.

lp1 is connected to an Epson Color Stylus 740 using uri parallel:/dev/lp1

This is where the problems occur.

Whenever I reboot, I no longer have access to lp1 to print.  The permissions 
for both ports are set to 660 with ownership root:lp, but it is clearly a 
permissions problem.  If I change permissions to 666, I can print.  I am in 
the lp group, so this shouldn't be necessary.

This was set up with the kdeprint add printer wizard.  On a prior computer, 
the Epson printer was set up with a uri EPSON:/Color_Stylus_740(something).  
That's what the Epson escputil utilities look for, so parallel:/dev/lp1 isn't 
working for those either.  I don't know if this is related.

Manually changing permissions as a workaround is the only thing I could find 
with Google.

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