Brian Vagnoni on 23 Feb 2008 12:13:43 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Tech Book Publishers & Book Suggestions?

First, you won't find good books on Linux in book stores IMHO. Look on line, Micro Center use to have a great book department which has since been mostly taken over by games. University book stores can also have some good books (Drexel, Penn); but you will find most good books on line. The on line subscription services like Safari are also good if you don't mind reading on line. I personally have been hard coded since birth due to my age to prefer paper books. I also like books that are read to me as this way I can just sit and listen. Adobe PDF reader use to have a feature where the text could be read to you, but the encoding on the graphics use to mess it up.

There are a couple of series that I liked. The Dummies Series, Absolute Beginners, Cisco Press, & the Sams Unleashed Series. Stay away from any of the books that tells you that you can learn this or that in 24 hours.  Don't use test prep books unless you are going for CERTS. Though I did teach my self PERL in 48 hours, but that was after a few courses in C++, and VB.

Most businesses these days only carry what sells the most which isn't always the best solution for any given person. Most doc's for Linux are already on line. Try which is an excellent source and clearing house for all Linux docs. Forums like are also excellent sources of information as well as services like Experts Exchange which can free as long as you give support to other users.

Brian Vagnoni

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Subject: [PLUG] Tech Book Publishers & Book Suggestions?

With which other publishers are such arrangements available?

Some of the O'Reily books looked useful and interesting but few for
Linux newbies. Any suggestions from any publisher for getting
networking with file and printer sharing set up via Debian through a
wired router connected to 2 Win98SE machines?

Any suggestions for general (basic) reference books for using
Debian with KDE to maintain, configure, backup, secure, etc. the
system. (Note: I don't need to be an expert, programmer, hacker, or
guru. I just want to be able to get things working and keep them
working). I spent hours in various books stores looking at Linux
books and borrowed several Linux books from our library system
last summer but most were too detailed and technical for me.

I found some decent books on KDE basics,, Firefox
and such, though a bit old. Transferring what I learned using
Windows apps. for the past 10 years should not be a problem.
Learning a new operating system and getting it configured and
optimized is mostly where I could use some help.

Bill Diehl

On 22 Feb 2008 at 22:38, Eugene Smiley wrote:

> You must be new to PLUG. Walt is a LONG TIME Plug member and we have
> an arrangement with O'Reily and another publisher for free/discounted
> tech books.
> Carl Gustafson wrote:
> > Smells like spam to me...

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