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[PLUG] machine check events

I've been seeing these in my logs (as reported by logwatch):

 2 Time(s): Machine check events logged
 1 Time(s): firewire_sbp2: sbp2_scsi_abort
 1 Time(s): firewire_sbp2: status write for unknown orb

Reading about the first line, it sounds like there's a hardware issue
going on, but I haven't been able to figure out whether I should be
worried or what might happen because of this.  I've read
/usr/share/doc/mcelog/mce.pdf.gz, from which I conclude that there's
nothing I can really know except that something went wrong deep in the
CPU, which resulted in a kernel exception handler running.

When I run mcelog by hand, I don't see any errors reported.  I note
that /var/log/mcelog/ is empty and is the only instance of
/var/log/mcelog*.  Any thoughts what might be going on or what I
should look at?

I suspect the last two lines are a red herring related to a firewire
drive.  I've noticed that the linux firewire driver is maybe a bit
noisy about things that cause retries.


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