JP Vossen on 3 Mar 2008 00:48:03 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Domain registrar thoughts and Mediawiki

Thanks to all who've replied thus far, I'm checking out your suggestions.

Dreamhost *looks* awesome, but also gets a lot of bad press (along with 
a lot of good press).  I'm thinking about trying to host with them and 
register with 1and1.  Comments?

I should mention I already installed a proof-of-concept site on Debian, 
using the tarball since the version in the Etch repos is ancient.  It 
was trivial but requires some shell operations like chown.  My install 
question has to do with hosting sites where I don't have shell and/or 
root access to the machine.

I also forgot to mention that in my personal opinion, getting hosting 
and domain name registration from the same provider is just asking for 
trouble, and I won't do that.  Talk about vendor lock-in!  With the 
functions separated, I feel that the providers have both less ability 
and less incentive to mess with you.

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