Matthew Rosewarne on 3 Mar 2008 12:09:13 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] One True OS

On Monday 03 March 2008, Greg Helledy wrote:
> My questions are:
> *Would we be able to get away with the free VMware player if the VMware
> tools are installed?
> *Can things be configured in such a way that sharing files between
> computers works as it does now, so that the controller and payroll
> person can pass excel files back and forth?
> *Are there any other things that are going to be significant obstacles
> to office work that I'm not thinking of?

I've set up MS Office on Linux (Debian) for a non-technical user, and I would 
strongly recommend against using Office in a VM.  While people who understand 
the purpose of the VM (like us technical folk) will only see it as a minor 
inconvenience, you should expect most of your users to *hate* it 

Instead of using a VM, I would recommend using something such as Crossover, or 
if you'd rather spend more time on something free-of-cost, wine.  Wine apps 
behave just like any native app and there won't be any problems passing files 
around.  Crossover includes tools to let administrators make "bottles" (yes, 
it's a wine joke) of applications which can be easily rolled-out and kept 
pristine.  You could set up something similar with wine, too.

In all, this approach has shown itself to be far more convenient for users, 
much faster, and vastly easier to administrate than using VMs.

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