Art Clemons on 10 Mar 2008 21:41:36 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Walmart dumps Linux PCs

> we should all dump walmart, :-)

While I don't disagree with the above (I have never shopped walmart), it 
does seem strange that folks who are likely purchasing computers based 
more on price than any other issue won't buy a Linux PC, which is 
cheaper to use and get software for than comparable desktops based on 
the other OS, and said folks actually end up spending more.

Despite not liking Walmart, I would like to see more folks using Linux 
and also issues like not having to search here and there for drivers to 
make things like wireless cards work without using ndiswrapper.  Unless 
there is obvious money to be made, open source drivers won't be created, 
nor will interfaces for closed source drivers  which comply with the new 
scheme for not violating GPL rules.  I wanted to see a lot of Walmart 
PCs despite not particularly caring for Walmart.
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