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Re: [PLUG] Walmart dumps Linux PCs

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 12:41 AM, Art Clemons <artclemons@aol.com> wrote:
> > we should all dump walmart, :-)
>  While I don't disagree with the above (I have never shopped walmart), it
>  does seem strange that folks who are likely purchasing computers based
>  more on price than any other issue won't buy a Linux PC, which is
>  cheaper to use and get software for than comparable desktops based on
>  the other OS, and said folks actually end up spending more.
>  Despite not liking Walmart, I would like to see more folks using Linux
>  and also issues like not having to search here and there for drivers to
>  make things like wireless cards work without using ndiswrapper.  Unless
>  there is obvious money to be made, open source drivers won't be created,
>  nor will interfaces for closed source drivers  which comply with the new
>  scheme for not violating GPL rules.  I wanted to see a lot of Walmart
>  PCs despite not particularly caring for Walmart.

For what its worth, from the article: "Walmart.com, the chain's
e-commerce site, had sold Linux-based computers before and will
continue selling the gPC."  The computers are not gone from Walmary
altogether, just moved.  The optimist in me looks at this as a sign
that they realized that they were a bit early and scaled back.

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