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Re: [PLUG] Business FiOS and routers

Linksys wrv200 it already runs Linux. But honestly if you are look for
feature rich professional router and switching you should be using Cisco.


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Subject: [PLUG] Business FiOS and routers

Hi all,

I have a small dilemma, I have been running a WRT54GL running openwrt for a
couple of years. Last year I upgraded to 5x5 business FiOS. This worked fine
until yesterday. Yesterday I found out that Verizon is offering 15x15 FiOS
for $70.00/mo less than I am currently paying for my 5x5 connection. So I
suddenly found that I need to upgrade. :-) The problem is that the network
ports on the WRT54GL are only 10 meg and I now have 15meg FiOS and I would
to have access to the full bandwidth. So I am now in the market for a new
low power consumption machine that I can put 4 or more 10/100 Nics in and
run some Linux distro. I am currently looking at Mini-itx and routerboard
solutions but I am wondering if anyone has any other recommendations?


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