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Re: [PLUG] Windows themes (ON-TOPIC, i promise)

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Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
| For various reasons, approach of completely mimicking the form and
| function of some proprietary software product doesn't tend to work.
| WINE is amazing, but we can't really rely on it, since full
| compatibility will always be a moving target.  In the case of
| something like the embroidery machine, the most success usually
| comes from writing a Free driver + software from the ground-up,
| particularly in the long run.

i'd also like to mention at this point that from an ethical
standpoint, i'm somewhat uncomfortable with WINE. i see it as giving
developers an excuse to not explicity port their software or release
their code openly.

community: can you release a GNU/Linux port?
developers: maybe, if enough demand is shown.
(after a week, month, etc.)
community: can you please release a GNU/Linux port? we've been using
it under WINE for a while now, and it works okay with some tweaking,
but we'd really like to be able to use it without an abstraction layer.
developers (amongst themselves): oh, it works in WINE? why would we
even bother porting it/releasing code if we don't have to? it's not as
if they NEED it since it works under WINE just fine.

so in short, i feel WINE encourages vendor lock-in which, although the
WINE community has put forth an AMAZING effort and does some fantastic
things of which we're all incredibly grateful, i still don't think it
should be as prevalent a solution as it is often presented.

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