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Re: [PLUG] Windows themes (ON-TOPIC, i promise)

On Sun, 16 Mar 2008, Matthew Rosewarne wrote:

> On Sunday 16 March 2008, brent timothy saner wrote:
> > there was a gentleman who posted to the list about a month or so ago,
> > saying up until now he had been using windows 95 or 98 (can't recall
> > which) and was considering the move to GNU/Linux.
> There's a big downside to trying to mimic the look of another OS:  When Linux behaves differently, it can come across as a flaw.  Having a different appearance provides a sense that the user shouldn't expect everything to behave as on some other OS.

I would be much more interested in it successfully mimicing the
The problem is integrating proprietary programs to run particular
equipment such as Brother embrodery machines into Linux.  It would be
nice if WINE did it all.
I may have been the person talking.  I know that I asked about the issue
earlier and later made a crack about migrating to Linux only when my
486 dropped dead.

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