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Re: [PLUG] ext2 vs hfs+ wrote:
> In my organization, I have an underutilized Rorke Galaxy 1TB RAID (RAID 5) built on ext2 filesystem.  I managed to mount the array to my Mac G5 via a fiber channel connection with this:
> I had some device-wide permissions changes to make, but so far this seems pretty solid.  The only snag I have hit is of human origin, namely convincing a coworker that ext2 is just as solid (if not more) as HFS+, the filesystem native to OSX.  His main concern is in relation to retention of resource forks associated with files generated by OSX boxes, and how those would be managed on ext2.  I believe he was confusing filesystem functionality with filesharing protocols, namely the limited functionality of Samba for OSX vs AFP, as OSX's GUI favors AFP.
> Anyone out there ever mount ext2 LOCALLY to a non-Linux OS?  Any war stories to tell?
> Cheers,
> _md

no Mac OS X stories, unfortunately, but there is an ext2/3 driver out
there for windows that i've used before (having an ext2 external hdd at
your cousin's non-linux house sucks. heh). supports read-write. i've
never had any problems with it, but i probably wouldn't want to run it
as part of a server.

Brent Saner

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