Robert Spangler on 22 Mar 2008 17:13:09 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] NTP process FYI

On Saturday 22 March 2008 15:40, JP Vossen wrote:

>  I have a local NTP server synced to [0123]  I keep an
>  eye on it via a trivial cron job [1].  The other day I had to edit
>  /etc/ntp.conf and add a 'restrict' line for a LAN segment I'd forgotten
>  about.  Naturally I restarted ntpd.
>  For some reason, it seems like the Debian Etch '/etc/init.d/ntp restart'
>  didn't actually stop ntpd, but did try to start it again.  Based on
>  ntptrace and log output [2], I suspected oddness, but there
>  was nothing about it in the ML archives
>  (
>  After various attempted pool and ntp.conf "debugging" and (failed)
>  restarts I ended up with 3-4 ntpd processes stepping all over each
>  other.  The result was additional confusing NTP behavior and logs on my
> LAN.
>  I finally thought to check the processes using 'pgrep -l ntp' and found
>  all the dups.  I 'kill'ed them, started ntpd, checked there was only
>  one, and after the usual delay for NTP to get happy everything seems
>  like it's back to normal.
>  I suspect this isn't a bug in the Debian Etch /etc/init.d/ntp script but
>  rather an odd interaction with Monit or something else on my local
>  system.  But just in case...

Why not?  You just stated that it wasn't stopping the process before starting 
it again, thus it was starting multiply processes.  This might just be 
limited to your system but I would still place the blame on the init script.  
It should always stop the process before tarting a new one when you use 



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