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[PLUG] Debiosk information

Happy spring, everyone!

Last year I announced the Debiosk project, which was originally a small, 
stable and secure Web Kiosk solution.  In the past two months I have 
switched gears a little bit and turned Debiosk into something more.  
From now on, Debiosk is the "Linux Kiosk Framelate" - not quite a 
template and not quite a framework, but something in between.

Progress since November includes a newly designed default homepage [1], 
a dramatically restructured project homepage [2] and most importantly, 
a better solution for a temporary, wipable home directory [3].  

As always, Debiosk is going to continue to ship without xterm, with no 
/etc/sudoers and no conceivable way to execute a shell.  My hope is to 
eventually slim it down as much as possible, perhaps by even getting rid 
of things such as perl and apt (if it is possible).

For the future, the Stable branch will continue to be a usable, bootable 
Web Kiosk Live CD, and the Devel branch will become a starting point for 
future kiosk design.

Thanks for the support!

[1] http://home.debiosk.org/ 
[2] http://www.debiosk.org/
[3] http://jadoba.org/pam_mount-debiosk.php (link will someday change)

James Barrett

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