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Re: [PLUG] wmgk


That worked for me in VLC also, though it resolved out to 
and took a while to buffer and start.

Neither one worked in Rhythmbox (Gutsy); in fact they both locked it up. 
  Both of these work in Rhythmbox though:

In fact, ANY station owned by CBS will work as: {call letters}{AM|FM|HD2} 

See for an 
interesting list.  Wikipedia also has amazing info on any/every radio 
station I've ever checked (81 last week or so).  And there are other 
lists of streaming stations (Google for them) that may allow you to 
"decode" the idiotic obfuscations some stations try to use.

Here's a partial M3U playlist we use on our MediaMVP (using F/OSS mvpmc 
#EXTINF:-1,WKYW AM 1060 KYW News Radio Delaware Valley
#EXTINF:-1,Hear Philly (KYW + GPTMC) Local Philly Internet
#EXTINF:-1,WHYY FM 90.9 NPR Public affairs/News/Talk Delaware Valley
#EXTINF:-1,WPSU FM NPR News/Classical Music Penn State
#EXTINF:-1,WPSU2 FM Variety Penn State
#EXTINF:-1, Smooth Jazz Internet
#EXTINF:-1,KTWV FM 97.4 The Wave Smooth Jazz Los Angeles
#EXTINF:-1,WSJT FM 94.1 Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay
#EXTINF:-1,KZOK HD2 Classic Rock Seattle
#EXTINF:-1,WNCX FM 98.5 Classic Rock Cleveland
#EXTINF:-1,WZLX FM 100.7 Classic Rock Boston
#EXTINF:-1,KZJK FM 104.1 Jack Minneapolis

If anyone else has mvpmc, I can tell you a) how to set this up trivially 
and b) how to use it to decode many (not all) obfuscated URLs.  Any 
station using a Flash player or some Windows only ones just won't work. 
  But enough will decode into .pls to make it worth while.

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