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Re: [PLUG] OT: GPS Recommendation Wanted

Casey Bralla wrote:
> I am planning on getting a GPS unit for my car.  I want to semi-permanently mount it on 
> the dash, hard wiring the power supply into the vehicle.  (In other words, I'll hard 
> wire around the cigarette lighter plug, and leave the plug into the GPS unit intact.)
> My desire is to have the GPS turn on automatically when I start the car (my cigarette 
> lighter outlet shuts off with the car).  
> However, I have noticed one huge problem:   Many GPS units require that you acknowledge 
> a limit to liability whenever the unit turns on!
> This not only annoys me philosophically (how many other consumer goods will soon 
> require a formal limit to liability release be approved before they will work????), 
> but also means the unit won't work "automatically" unless I touch the control pad.
> Does anyone know of a good GPS unit that does **not** require constant acknowledgment 
> that I'm still supposed to watch where I'm driving and that it's not the GPS's fault 
> if I drive into a tree?
I have a TomTom GO 910.  It will only ask you to agree to the ToS after 
you flash the firmware or take it out of the box.  When I turn it on, it 
goes right to the 3D map and tries to lock in on its current position.  
It would be great for what you want to do, especially if you can tie it 
into an output that is only on when the key is in ACC or RUN.  Just lock 
it in the "on" position and remove the battery.  That way, it turns on 
when you start the car and turns off when you shut it off.  If you don't 
make any mods to it, you will have to turn it on/off manually.


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