Glenn Kelley on 8 Apr 2008 19:29:34 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Comcast is Messing with My DNS

Docsis 3 will be nice.

Wonder if it will be by years end …


The Bit-torrent was a nightmare -  every time I tried to grab a bT from vmware it hung…


Little buggers !






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It's Comcast way of telling you that you are in violation of your TOS(NO SERVERS ON RESIDENTIAL ACCOUNTS). They want you to sign up for Business Class which cost the same and doesn't have any of those annoying problems. They even do ptr records for you, or let you host your own DNS. You say but it's at my house, well this has changed now as well as they are allowing people to mix different classes of accounts. I have residential TV service and business class high speed. Haven't had any problems, love it, little or no down time, 1 -13 static ip's also available with dedicated business class support m - f. You basically get sent right to tier 2 support.

Though it does hurt my bad boy stick it to the man image I think I can live with it. :-)

Just a note they will be 100mb by the end of the year. They have also announced they will not interfere with "bit torrent p2p" anymore.

Also, TV wise if you are a Sports fan you mite want to consider sticking with Comcast as they control most of the sports broadcasting in Philly and you won't get the Phillies game with basic FiOS you must pay extra.

Brian Vagnoni

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Subject: [PLUG] Comcast is Messing with My DNS

I'm gettin' to think I'm going to have to dump Comcast in favor of FiOS. Recently,
Comcast started filtering my DNS server. I run my own authoritative DNS server for
several of my domains, and all my intranet computers use this DNS server.

Normally if a DNS server doesn't know an address, it queries the root servers to find
the correct authoritative server, then queries the authoritative server for the
address. Suddenly this past week, this no longer worked. Addresses queries would
time out. This meant no Firefox, no outgoing eMail, ugh!

I finally tried using the "forwarder" directive in BIND9 and pointed them to Comcast's
DNS servers. Voila, everything worked again. Earlier this year, Comcast started
filter port 25 which knocked my mail servers of the air. I can understand filter
the eMail port, since this is an anti-spam action, but this is all starting to get

My only concern with switching is will FiOS also start to filter ports too? And will
my IP remain static enough to use?

Of course, I could simply upgrade to "business" class of service, but that would at
least double my monthly costs and my personal financial adviser (aka "Honey" & "Yes,
Dear") thinks I spend too much bloody money on this "hobby" as it is....

Casey Bralla
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