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Re: [PLUG] Comcast is Messing with My DNS

Hey JP.

Your correct that's what the prices are now and what the packages are now. Comcast changed their residential packages and there is no longer an enhanced residential package available. I believe there is Speed Boost and Blast now. I was paying I believe $69 - 89 a month for the residential enhanced. I'm still paying the same, since getting the same speed but with 5 static ip's and no hassles.

Comcast doesn't always do what's printed on their web page. I've had people complain in the past that DSL was so cheap why can't they charge the same and Comcast went a head and matched Verizons price. They have different prices for different markets, specials, ever changing promotions ...etc.

For me it's all about time and effort. I'm single don't have a family, parents or a house to support so it works for me. Yes, I could call them up spend time and effort trying to get them to adjust the prices but for the $20 difference it's not worth it to me.

In Philly I hate the copper, it's horrible; they typically have 3  - 4 kinds of it all spliced together from the CO to your house. They have that anti-rat harded lamp cord stuff that is almost impossible to strip. They have the 25 year old 2 twisted pair which is probably better than their current 4 pair CAT3. Philly has a lot of underground cables, Philly is an old city and water typically gets into these area. Water and copper don't mix. I live next to a CO and never saw what I should have speed wise with dsl from any provider. I couldn't get them to run a new loop for me either. When I deal with customers of mine with dsl I end up having to troubleshoot the phone companies problems because they don't want to touch the inside wiring in some of these building let alone theirs. My customers run IO intensive apps, video, streaming media, hotspots and dsl from any company simply cannot compete with Comcast.

It's not the dsl it's the copper here in Phiadelphia that sucks.

I have my block, you are welcome to real time blacklist check any of my ip's you will find them not listed. You are right about them not being able to do business class dns, that's why they farm it out to hostway and I'm satisfied with the service I'm getting so far. You are welcome to do a dnsreport on my site from My only complaint is that I can't to SPF records via their gateway and they blocked me for SPAM go figure that one.

If I really wanted to I could afford a $279/month full unbonded T1 from Speakeasy, but again COPPER, Philadelphia. For me and my customers here in Philadelphia I strongly recommend Comcast and I'm not even a reseller. Do I suffer from the same over paid field service people that don't seem to want to work, and go into a location and lay hands on the equipment and say heal, and when it doesn't walk out or don't show up at all. The answer is yes, but Verizon has those same people at least with Comcast I deal with one company not 2 or more in the case of Speakeasy having to dispatch Verizon, their competitor to do the work. Verizon is also very union, so even despite laws they will screw their competitor any chance they get. Comcast in center city is a union shop, but out here in the Northeast their not.

Again for me time and effort is everything. However, I do realize I'm in the minority and price is king with most people. Hope that explains my sincerely friendly stance on this. I also sincerely respect you opinion despite our differences on this. :-)

Brian Vagnoni

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From: JP Vossen []
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Subject: Re: [PLUG] Comcast is Messing with My DNS

> Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2008 19:45:48 -0400
> From: "Brian Vagnoni" <>
> [...] Unless of course you sign up for Business Class service, again
> if you haven't checked prices in a while you should. I'm personally
> paying the same amount I was with residential service. [...]

How's that? My Residential package is $42/mo. According to

Comcast Workplace - Standard
* Connection Speeds up to 6 Mbps/768 Kbps
* Static IPs optional (and presumably $$$)
# Monthly service charge: $95.00 (includes equipment)
# Standard professional installation: $250.00
# Requires a one year contract

Comcast Workplace - Enhanced
* Connection Speeds up to 8 Mbps/1 Mbps
* Static IPs optional (and presumably $$$)
# Monthly service charge: $160.00 (includes equipment)
# Standard professional installation: $250.00
# One year contract term required

Comcast Workplace - Lite
* Connection Speeds up to 4 Mbps/384 Kbps
* Static IPs NOT even optional
# Monthly service charge: $60.00 (includes equipment)
# Standard professional installation: $250.00
# Requires a one year contract

As I've said before, Comcast seems to be incapable of running a large
DNS setup, so even if they claim to set up reverse IPs for you, I'd
worry. I've also hear that the "business" class IPAs are in the same
ranges as the residential IPAs, and will thus be constantly getting
blocked by various black-hole lists as Residential machines in your
subnet block are naughty.

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