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Re: [PLUG] Hacking the eeePC

On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 11:14:45AM -0400, brent timothy saner wrote:
>   [16 lines, 80 words, 477 characters]  Top characters: enoaisr\n
> i can't recall if there's been a presentation on the eeePC and
> installing non-standard distro's on it (NOT a fan of xandros), and
> tweaks needing to be made to improve smoothness/stability, etc...
> if there's interest, i can probably put one together.
> if anyone in PLUG has an eeepc, i'd love to hear from you. i love
> mine, and it's the second one i've hacked around with.

What do you do with it?  I find the price attractive, but wonder how
I'd feel if I can't customize it much (which I assume but don't know
is the case).  What happens first time I want to use an app that's not
already installed?  (Disclaimer: I haven't researched more extensively
than reading the official literature.)

What I really want is a super-cheap notebook regardless of power, etc.
The eee-pc just happens to be at the bottom of the price curve.


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