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Re: [PLUG] PC equipment disposal (OT)

At 2008-04-23 07:00 -0700, Julien Mills <> wrote:
> In that thread I kind of remember there being recycling places 
> which were open once a month or once in a blue moon or whatever 
> but I don't think there was a permanent place open all the time.

When I asked Google this question recently, I only found one useful
local response, Elemental Inc. You can contact them via email
( for current hours and such. Here's what I got when
I did just a couple of months ago:

> Hello,
>             Thank you for your interest in our services.
>              Drop off hours are Monday-Friday 9:00-4:00
>              Fees :     Monitors 17" and below$7
>                            Monitors 19" and above.$10
>                            Printers/scanners/fax..$3
>                            Computers/serversno charge
>                    charge
> Elemental Inc.
> 2371 Church Street
> Philadelphia,Pa 19124

There's no sign that I found, so you may want to avail yourself of
Google Streetview a bit. Basically, take 95 to the Aramingo exit,
head NE on Aramingo, take your first left, and pull up in front of
the first garage door on the right after crossing Milnor. If you
cross E Stiles, you're a block to far, and if you hit Tacony you're
way too far. The area's all semi-identical industrial park

Of course, you should look into the giving older computers to
schools, freecycle, so forth first, because even "recycling"
electronic waste isn't a magic wand meaning that everything involved
gets re-used, but if you've got a stack of things you know nobody
wants as I did (B/W Apple monitors, Alpha workstations from the
'80s), they seem to be a good option.

gabriel rosenkoetter

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