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Re: [PLUG] PC equipment disposal (OT)


I'm not sure where you are located, but I was in a nearby repair
shop the other day (PC Age on Rte 30 in Frazer), and they said they
had a pile of old computer junk that some service picked up and
disposed of occasionally for them.  I'm not sure who was paying
who in this arrangement, or how much, but he said I should feel
free to drop off old laptops and such with him for free.  He'd
throw it on the pile, and the larger pile would cause a sooner
pickup by the service.  I got the impression the service was
going to try to salvage any reusable parts, and then strip off
the reusable or hazardous metals and such, and dispose of it all

You may be near PC Age and try them directly, or you may get a
similar offer at your nearby repair shop.  Certainly, they must
have to deal with disposal on a regular basis.

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Julien Mills wrote:

>Hi all,
>OK, thanks for all the replies, I've got a lot
>of ideas for getting rid of useful items, and I
>will check that out.
>But what I was really after was a good place to
>get rid of broken, unusable stuff and it looks
>like one has to pay a fee to properly dispose
>of that type of stuff.
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