gabriel rosenkoetter on 24 Apr 2008 10:32:14 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] PC equipment disposal (OT)

At 2008-04-24 07:23 -0700, Julien Mills <> wrote:
> But what I was really after was a good place to
> get rid of broken, unusable stuff and it looks
> like one has to pay a fee to properly dispose
> of that type of stuff.

I trust you did see my mention of Elemental, Inc.? The only thing
you have to pay to drop off there is monitors (because of the
mercury disposal: that's expensive and risky to do), and it's a
pretty nominal fee.

Like I said, they're the only place I was able to find with regular,
daily hours for people to drop items off. (The various periodic
collection points, in my experience, are totally free, but you have
to know when they're going to happen rather than show up when it's
convenient for you.)

gabriel rosenkoetter

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