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Re: [PLUG] Testing ethernet/cat5 wiring

You can test for continuity by using an RJ-45 jack on one end and an ohm meter on the other. One thing you want to check is that you have the twisted pairs terminated properly, meaning that one twisted pair is connected to pins 1 & 2  and another twisted pair is connected to pins 3 & 6.
For example:
Pin    Color
1     Green/White
2     White/Green
3     Orange/White
4     White/Blue
5     Blue/White
6     White/Orange
7     Brown/White
8     White/Brown 

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I have a couple of users that I wired that are complaining of slow connections.  Is there a good way to test the connections without using an expensive testing tool?  The network only has windows machines on it now, but I could add a Linux machine for testing if that was the best way to go.



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