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Re: [PLUG] Testing ethernet/cat5 wiring

I made the cables and the switch doesn’t support snmp.



From: Brad []
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Subject: Re: [PLUG] Testing ethernet/cat5 wiring


Does your network switch that these users are plugged into have snmp monitoring you could turn on? If you know who is plugged in where, then that makes it a little easier to see if it's a user downloading something or maxing out the network.


Maybe try graphing it with mrtg for windows.


Sometimes though, I know people have issues with slow connections when their system and the network switch are configured differently. For example, if the switch is set to auto and the pc is set to full/100, sometimes that will conflict with the switch and cause some slowness. Usually resetting the desktop to auto will clear up the collisions. But if it's detecting the wrong speeds, then set both the switch port and the pc to full/100.

Also, did you make your cables or did you buy them?



On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 9:09 AM, Mark Baker <> wrote:

I have a couple of users that I wired that are complaining of slow connections.  Is there a good way to test the connections without using an expensive testing tool?  The network only has windows machines on it now, but I could add a Linux machine for testing if that was the best way to go.



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