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Re: [PLUG] fedora core & vm

First, if you are going to install Fedora, why not use the latest?  Release 8 is current and 9 is due in two weeks.  5 is no longer supported in any way.

Minimum specs for your VM should be based on what the box will be doing.  Running a GUI, 256 min / 512 preferred RAM.  If you're just using it for testing applications will no heavy load on it, 1 GB of RAM should work.  As for partitions if this is just a basic test system, you can just put everything under one root partition ( / ).  Say 20 GB for / and 2*RAM = swap space should be fine.

Size it with more RAM if more than a few users will be on it at the same time.  If your going to be putting a bunch of apps to test on it (apache, database, dev environment, lots of test data, etc.) increase the size accordingly (40 GB, 60 GB).


Ron Kaye wrote:

several part question

i have never had much luck researching recommended hardware specs for linux distros.
anyone have recommendations for fedora core 5,
       memory ?    ?Gb  ? hard disk space and partitioning scheme?
       for win3k3 i might use 2gb memory, 10gb C dive for OS, 10 gb D drive for my "app"

i want  to use this info to create a fc5 virtual on a vmware esx 3.0.1 server (yes, have virtual center)
again, how might i partition?

thanks in advance


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