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[PLUG] CPOSC 2008: Call for Participation

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Hey guys,

I'm with the Central PA LUG.  Coming up in October, we're hosting a
conference we've dubbed "CPOSC", and we could use your help!

CPOSC, the Central PA Open Source Conference, is a one-day, multi-track,
low-cost conference about all things open source: software, programming,
operating systems, community and more. It will take place on Sunday,
October 19th at the ITT Tech campus in Harrisburg, PA.

You can read more about the conference at

How can you help? We're looking for folks to do presentations!
Instructions on how to submit abstracts can be found here:

We're hoping you can tell us by July 11, but the sooner the better!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me off list and
we can talk about any thoughts you have.

Thanks for your help!

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