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[PLUG] Free to a good home: NeXT cube, SGI Iris

Once upon a time, I was enamored of the idea of keeping several
Historically Relevant Unix systems around. Having moved recently
demonstrated to me that that's just not something I care about any

The couple of Alpha workstations and their (same physical size) two
1 GB hard drives apiece, along with an assortment of Mac monitors
and aging Macs, I let go to computer recycling without batting an
eye, but the last two systems still in my space I'm reluctant to
essentially throw away: somebody Should still care about these, but
it just can't be me any longer.

The first is a NeXT turbocube. That's the one foot cubed peak of
NeXT computer's production. It's dual-headed (one a color--not the
Sony monitor, the less-good one--one black & white), has the
keyboard, mouse, and the last running version of NeXTStep installed,
though I'll be damned if I can remember the passwords on it. (I
think I've got install media somewhere, though.) It was fully
functional the last time I turned it on, but that's been over a
year, maybe two.

The second is an SGI Iris. It has a monitor, keyboard, and mouse...
but does NOT have a hard drive or, if memory serves, the SGI-branded
drive sled that you're supposed to use. The drive should be easy
enough to come by (it's the standard SCA connector that was used in
SGIs and Suns of the era, as well as many drive arrays from various
vendors, populous on eBay a few years ago when I was thinking about
it). I've never turned this machine on (it was given to me in lieu
of a final month's sublet rent payment: it's a long story), but I
believe that it was in working condition until its hard drive and
sled were pulled to expand the storage in another Iris the prior
owner still has (so far as I know).

Please email me off-list if you're interested in either. First comer
takes it for each, you pick it up (I live in "Old Kensington", just
off Girard, trapped between Northern Liberties and Fishtown), we'll
arrange that privately. I'd like for these to be out of my house
by the first week of June, one way or another.


gabriel rosenkoetter

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