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Re: [PLUG] Free to a good home: NeXT cube, SGI Iris

In the message dated: Sun, 11 May 2008 18:46:32 EDT,
The pithy ruminations from gabriel rosenkoetter on 
<[PLUG] Free to a good home: NeXT cube, SGI Iris> were:

=> Once upon a time, I was enamored of the idea of keeping several
=> Historically Relevant Unix systems around. Having moved recently

I understand, and feel your pain. I've managed to divest myself of an AT&T 3b2, 
a Sun Ultra 250, and am resisting the urge to hang onto some SGIs that will be 
retired at $WORKPLACE.

=> The first is a NeXT turbocube. That's the one foot cubed peak of

That's really tempting, but I've got to say no.


=> The second is an SGI Iris. It has a monitor, keyboard, and mouse...
=> but does NOT have a hard drive or, if memory serves, the SGI-branded
=> drive sled that you're supposed to use. The drive should be easy
=> enough to come by (it's the standard SCA connector that was used in
=> SGIs and Suns of the era, as well as many drive arrays from various

Attention PLUG folks:

	I can probably supply the drive & sled, as well as an O2, a couple of
	Octanes & Fuels, and similar stuff in a few weeks. Please contact me
	off the list if you're interested and I'll keep you in mind when the
	systems are available



=> Cheers...
=> --
=> gabriel rosenkoetter

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