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[PLUG] Ubuntu Alternate installer, RAID1 & LVM

How do I hijack /etc/apt/sources.list if using the Ubuntu Alternate CD? 
  I ALT-F2'd but there's no apt/ in /etc/.  I know it gives you a box to 
specify a proxy, but I'm using a local approx and I don't think that 
works like the proxy that box is expecting.  (I didn't actually try it 

I'm goofing around in VMware to figure out how to do LVM (for snapshots) 
on top of RAID1 software mirroring, and I don't want to keep downloading 
all the stuff it wants over the WAN when I can cache it locally.

As for RAID1 + LVM, this is what I came up with, any comments?

      Partition Method: manual
	Create 256M /boot  (label boot0) on first  disk
	Create 256M /boot1 (label boot1) on second disk
	Use the rest of each disk for "physical volume for RAID"
	Configure Software Raid
		Yes, then "Create MD devices"
		RAID1, then follow prompts
	RAID1 device
		Use all space as "physical volume for LVM"
	Configure the LVM
		Create volume group, name = hostname
		Create logical volume
			swap_1	512M
			root	rest of space - e.g., 2G
			(to leave some space free for snapshots!)
	LVM VG hostname, LV root
		Mount as ext3 /root, label = root
	LVM VG hostname, LV swap_1
		Use as swap area

256M for /boot is way overkill, but since it's non-LVM and disk is cheap...

I'm still pretty sure you need to leave /boot out of the LVM and mirror, 
can anyone prove me wrong?  So if I do that, I also need to manually 
keep /boot in sync on the 2 disks, later manually install grub on the 
second disk, and if the first disk dies, I'd need to edit something in 
the grub config while attempting to boot from the second disk.  Correct? 
  Per above I'd label the second disk's /boot as boot1 so in theory if 
grub is using labels, a tweak from ""boot" to "boot1" should do it?

I see the Alternate CD also allows you to trivially set encryption. 
Very cool.  Can you use RAID1 + LVM + Encryption?  Just wondering.  Wow, 
that's a lot of moving parts.

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