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Re: [PLUG] plug Digest, Vol 42, Issue 28

I have an OLPC the thing is its definitely pretty slow. It doesnt have much of any sort of office suite and O.O. would certainly run horrendously if you could get it on there in the first place. Batt life is 2-to maybe 3.5 hours abs max. It cant connect to any wireless with more than wep encryption and has no ethernet or modem ports which could be important where you're going. Dont get me wrong, its an amazing machine and I love it- if you put on puppy linux or DSL or Knoppix or you could try Xubuntu then you could get it running abiword if nothing else and it could actually run fairly quickly.


On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 10:06 AM, bridget cady <> wrote:
Hi Brian.
If I get accepted into the Peace Corps I am hoping to get sent to the Pacific region.
Unfortunately, Tough Books are a way out of my price range.
As far as what I'll need - good battery life, as electricity might not be reliable, a web-browser, a multimedia player, and the open office suite should do me just fine. I'm interested in something that doesn't use alot of energy/has no or few moving parts as it is going to be hot, humid and dirty out there.
I'm considering the EEE pc, but I'd really love to get the OLPC. Unfortunately it looks like they are no longer offering the give one get one option. Does anyone have any idea how I could get my hands on one (besides ebay)?

Thanks for the quick response,

> Hello Bridget;
> What do you expect to be able to do with this laptop out in the wild? E-Mail, Web, what kind of apps do you need to or want to run?
> Panasonic Tough Books are the most rugged laptops you can buy. They are designed for extremely environments, many police & fire departments, as well as the US military use them. However, they are not cheap but in your case spending the extra money mite be worth it. You want something that is going to have good battery life, a screen that will be bright enough to be seen in the direct sun light, and something that uses WWAN(preferably GSM or EDVO).
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