JP Vossen on 27 May 2008 09:20:21 -0700

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[PLUG] Printing from Windows to CUPS, output sometimes truncated?

I recently switched from sharing a couple of printers from Samba (what a 
giant PITA to configure) to CUPS (mostly Just Worked).  Except...

Sometimes when printing from Windows my output is truncated.  For 
example, I just printed a test page from my XP work machine and I have 
the the first 5 lines and part of the 6th, but that's it.  Other times 
it works fine.

The print server was Gutsy until the weekend but is now running Hardy, 
which doesn't seem to make a difference.  And it only seems to happen on 
the inkjet, not the LaserJet 4.

Windows client-side it's configured as an "Internet printer" at 
http://hostname:631/printers/OfficeJetK60.  I was amazed at how much 
easier that was to set up than the old Samba way I was doing it.

HP OJ K-60 using Common UNIX Printing System 1.3.7:
	Printer Driver: HP OfficeJet K60 Foomatic/hpijs (recommended)
	Printer State: processing, accepting jobs, published.
	Device URI: hp:/par/OfficeJet_K60?device=/dev/parport0

Thus far Googling hasn't turned up anything relevant, the closest was 
something where the top was truncated, but for me it's the bottom, and 
only sometimes and only from Windows (W2K & XP).

Any clues?
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