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Re: [PLUG] OT: Traveling With Your Laptop Over The Border

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> On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 11:26 PM, Michael Leone
>> So it was only 1 British citizen that actually had her laptop seized, 2
>> years ago? The article doesn't mention any other seizes of laptops,
>> specifically - just "The lawsuit was inspired by two dozen cases, 15 of
>> which involved searches of cellphones, laptops, MP3 players and other
>> electronics". Searches doesn't necessarily mean seizure.
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> My brother, a US citizen, had his laptop seized about a year and a
> half ago when returning from school. (He goes to college in Scotland.)
> It took them about 2 months to return to him. He's lucky that he was
> taking a semester off as he would not have gotten in back before he
> returned to school otherwise. It took threats of lawyers before he got
> it back. To this day we don't actually know why they seized it. We
> think they may have thought he was trafficking drugs as he was 20 and
> his list of "what countries have you been in since last being in the
> US" was long and included quite a bit of Eastern Europe.
> I spent 3 weeks in the UK over this past winter and had no problems,
> but I was paranoid so very careful. Also, I was in one location for
> the 3 weeks and that was it. I don't know if I'll have  more problems
> this summer when I'll be in 3 different European countries in about a
> month.
> Penelope

Which makes the NTR Laptop Project items the perfect overseas companion.

For more info:


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