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[PLUG] OT: Thinkpad 770z, 366 MHz/192 MB/20GB/DVD

Thinkpad 770z, 366 MHz/192 MB/20GB/DVD

I am selling a Thinkpad 770z. I'm posting it here only because I know that many of the list members can put good, vintage hardware to use.

It has the following options:

Mobile Pentium II, 366 MHz
192 MB of RAM
20 GB hard drive, in an easily swappable carrier
1024x768, vga out, onboard audio, printer and COM port, modem, USB 1.1, it has a pointing stick.
CD/DVD drive, bootable.
3COM (3C589D-TP) 10 mbit ethernet  PCMCIA card
This has the extra DVD decoding chip, with the svideo out cable
Floppy drive can swap places with the DVD, or be used externally with a cable (included)
1 IBM power brick
No battery.
Several CDs with drivers, a (real) copy of windows 98.
The drive has been wiped with dban, so it is ready for you to install the OS of your choice.
The unit is in very good physical shape, retaining nearly all of it's black coating and the (very breakable) covers for the dockings tation port.

This was IBM's top of the line laptop in 1998 or so. I used one of these as my main machine in the early oughties, dual-booting Windows 2000 and debian. IIRC, this was the fastest model of 770, save for the 400 MHz units, which are pretty rare.

Looking for $50/OBO.

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