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[PLUG] OT: Dell Precision 410 dual-processor Up for Grabs

Again, I'm posting this to the list because there are people here who can put old, offbeat hardware to work.

This is an old Dell "workstation", in fair shape. I picked it up at a flea market several years ago, and I'm just downsizing my pile of hardware: I used this as a 24x7 server for the last year or so.

There are two onboard SCSI controllers, plus an IDE bus. The optical drive is on the IDE bus. It has three (small) SCSI drives. If you like fiddling with drive hardware, this is a fun machine to knock around on.

The positive things are:
  • 2xPIII/550 384 MB RAM (392744 KB RAM) . IIRC, Dells' site says the motherboard can take 700 MHz processors.
  • No OS. I ran debian on it for a long time, but I have no idea what you would want to put on it.
  • It has a 30 GB Maxtor PATA drive and a CD-RW PATA drive
  • 2x9 GB Quantum Atlas IV 9 WLS SCSI  drives
  • 1x4 GB COMPAQPC DDRS-34560W SCSI (actually an IBM) drive
  • The graphics card is a Diamond Multimedia Permedia2 AGP card, a Fire GL Pro 1000, 8 MB of RAM.
  • 3Com 3C918 Integrated Fast Ethernet (10/100) Controller (3C905B-TX compatible)
  • Onboard sound.
  • This has a case that can easily hold 4 x 3.5" drives, plus 3 x 5.25 drives, plus the floppy. The 3.5" drives are in a pull-out drive carrier.
  • USB 2.0 PCI card, with four ports
The worst things about it are:
  • The power leads for the fan sometimes (like every six months) work loose and vibrate against the fan housing.  If I had a hot glue gun, this wouldn't be a problem.
  • The drive cabling is a messy.
  • Choosing a boot drive through the BIOS can be confusing, due to the interface.
  • The case is a little beaten up. No major dents and everything fits together, but it isn't going to win any beauty contests.
  • No mouse, no keyboard.
If you want the gear, all you need to do arrange a time with me to drop by my place in Lansdale, PA, near the intersection of Route 463 and North Line Street.

-- d

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