JP Vossen on 27 May 2008 18:11:10 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Printing from Windows to CUPS, output sometimes truncated?

> Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 15:21:45 -0400
> From: "Brian Vagnoni" <>
> From: JP Vossen []
>   Sometimes when printing from Windows my output is truncated.  For 
>   example, I just printed a test page from my XP work machine and I have 
>   the the first 5 lines and part of the 6th, but that's it.  Other times 
>   it works fine.

More info: when it does this, the job also gets stuck, and other jobs 
queue up.  I noticed this a little while ago, and moved the stuck/broken 
job to another printer.  The queued up jobs then printed correctly.  The 
broken job hadn't printed on the other printer (I guess I needed to 
start the job?), so I moved back and it worked.  Weird.

> [Might] be old drivers, do you have the latest hplip?

	"The current version of the HPLIP solution is version 2.8.5"

I have:
	hplip   	2.8.2-0ubuntu8
	hplip-data      2.8.2-0ubuntu8
	hplip-firmware  2.7.7-0ubuntu4

 > Best way is to compile from source.

I appreciate this and agree that the best way may truly be to compile 
from source.  But that isn't why I use Ubuntu...  If I wanted to spend 
all my time checking things to see if they need to be updated I'd use 
Windows, and if I wanted to compile everything I'd use Gentoo.

That may sound like a smart-ass answer (like I've ever been accused of 
being a smart-ass?!? :), but I really don't mean it that way--it's 
literally true.  I'm past the point where I want to mess with that kind 
of thing, I want stuff to Just Work (which is why I try to avoid 
Windows).  I love Debian and Ubuntu because they mostly Just Work, and 
because so much stuff is in the repositories so I don't have to do the 
update work...  I'm moving everything I can to Ubuntu LTS and play to 
stay there.

 > Plus the new printer GUI is cool.

What GUI is that?  I'm aware of the CUPS GUI on http://hostname:631/ but 
it sounds like you mean something else.  Perhaps I need to fiddle 
something in there?

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