Erek Dyskant on 27 May 2008 18:55:51 -0700

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[PLUG] CentOS backup options

Howdy All,
        I've been using rsnapshot (an rsync-based backup script) for
backing up. CentOS servers, and was very happy with it.  It does
efficient backups that use the native filesystem on the backup server,
so it's easy to restore specific files, however:
        I just ran a full restore dress rehearsal, and found that rsync
doesn't copy selinux contexts, so I had to disable selinux on the
restored machine before it would boot.
        So, does any of you know of a good backup tool that can do
network-based incremental backups, and that backs up all of the
filesystem metadata?  Another requirement is that there need to be tools
to access specific files or directories (If it doesn't use the native
target's filesystem like rsnapshot does) from any of the snapshots
without doing a full restore.
        Thanks for the help.


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